Plan your trip

There are many entryways to National Park Kongernes Nordsjælland. Here you can find information on how to explore the national park on your own, or begin your trip at one of the information points.


Maps for your trip

Find inspiration for your trip in these three maps. Each map covers a section of the national park area, and you will find information about the national park as well as ideas for trips and experiences in the landscape.

Get more information about sights and accomodation at the local tourist organizations:


Visit North Sealand

Visit Copenhagen



Planning on sleeping under the stars? Here are some links that can help you:


Guide to sleep outside in nature

Rules for camping with tent in specified forest areas

Information points

Visit one of the national park’s information rooms and discover the stories about the park and the local history. Here, you can also pick up folders showing hiking trails in the park or find inspiration for your next national park adventure.

Esrum Abbey & Millyard



Klostergade 12
3230 Græsted

The Arsenal



Torvet 18-20
3300 Frederiksværk




Agnetevej 9
3060 Espergærde

Info room near Fredensborg Castle



Jernbanegade 1
3480 Fredensborg


Nature is inspiring, indispensable, and irreplaceable. That is why we must take good care of it. Respecting nature, as well as others enjoying nature, will benefit all of us.

Please be considerate

Simple advice when spending time in nature:

  • Greet people you meet, and show consideration
  • Leave nothing but your footprints behind, and only bring home your memories
  • Keep your dog on a leash to keep it from disturbing birds and other wildlife
  • Do your best not to disturb birds and other animals, and leave plants untouched for others to enjoy
  • As far as possible, avoid disturbing nature between sunset and sunrise