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263 km2 in total with deep forests, large lakes, rolling landscapes and cultural tracks from the past. There are many small destinations to discover. Explore the national park and experience the breath of nature and the presence of history.

Gurre Castle Ruin

At the south-west end of Lake Gurre lie the ruins of the once so impressive Gurre Castle. Maybe you will sense the presence of King Valdemar IV Atterdag. Legend has it that every night, he haunts the forest of Gurre Vang on his black horse – as a punishment for favouring Gurre to the Kingdom of God.

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Gurre Slotsruin
Foto: Jørgen Andersen
Asserbo Slotsruin
Foto: Jens Ole Andersen

Asserbo Castle Ruin

Today, the ruins of Asserbo Castle nestle romantically in Asserbo plantation, surrounded by moats. The ruins have a long history. Around 1163, Bishop Absalon donated Asserbo as a monastery for monks of the Carthusian Order. Later, it passed on to the Cistercian Order and various noble families. In the early 1600s, Asserbo as well as the surrounding villages were deserted because of sand drift in the area, and the castle was left to stone quarriers. Asserbo was slowly covered in sand and forgotten, until King Frederik VII, who had a passion for archaeology, excavated the ruins in the mid-1800s. In total, more than 10,000 m3 of sand was removed by soldiers at the orders of the King.

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Dronningholm Castle Ruin

Dronningholm Castle was probably built by King Valdemar II the Victorious at the start of the 13th century. Dronningholm served as a fortress with a moat and thick walls, but the area’s excellent hunting terrain may also have prompted its construction here. The story goes that King Valdemar built the castle and gave it to his queen as a wedding gift. The castle was in use until its demolition in the mid-16th century, when it was demolished. Its stones have since been used for other buildings such as Frederiksborg Castle.

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Dronningholm Slotsruin
Foto: Peter Lassen

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